Sunday, 13 April 2008

Scotland 1 England 0

As unlikely as this result would be in a football match, in Love of Your Love's eyes, the Scottish Heirarchy clearly has an edge over their English counterparts. Keith Cardinal O'Brien has once again proved that the Church still has a voice in the modern age.
His Eminence, who seems intent on a William Wallace-style one man fight against secularism in British society, has shown that at least the Scottish Church both understands science and has political clout. According to James Hastings, of the Catholic Times, "Scotland's Cardinal... has called for the setting up of a national cord blood bank." His Eminence has asked Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to allow the harvest of stem cells from the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Such a move could provide groundbreaking treatment in an ethically acceptable manner.
The Cardinal's call comes as secularists criticise the Church's position on embryonic stem cell research as anti-scientific, and goes to show just how willing the Church is to help scientists improve their methods to contribute to the general wellbeing of British society. Currently only three hospitals, all located in London, perform such services, at a cost of around £1, 500 per child.

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