Friday, 29 May 2009

Late for Mass

As a Friday devotion I went to Mass at the Cathedral this lunchtime. Unfortunately I was more than a little bit late, arriving some ten minutes into the service, quietly taking a seat in the back pew. (See how Catholic I've become??) Anyway, a few months ago I'd have beat myself up about having been irreverent arriving late, but now I think I have a slightly more mature approach to these things. Yes, I know I should have taken more care to arrive on time, and of course I shall try to prevent it happening again. I was not overly disappointed with myself, however, because I think I'm finally coming to develop a really authentic sense of awe and reverence for the Eucharist. I knew I was late, and I knew that was a bad thing, but I was relieved and very happy to at least have been there in time to be in the presence of Christ himself.

As an interesting little aside, I did notice three women who didn't go up to receive Communion; perhaps one of them was the elusive Madame Evangelista? I wonder...


madame evangelista said...

Ah yes. I *was* there, and also late, as I had to rush over on an early lunch from work (which is very nearby, but I never get to leave early enough to be on time for 12.05).

So I think I know who you were - in fact, I think we did shake hands at the sign of peace. I did wonder at the time if it was you ;)

Augustine said...

Ah, there are so many mysteries in the Church!