Friday, 11 September 2009

Embertide approaching

Remember, remember
The three days of Ember;
Abolished, forgotten
Or not?

Pass my little rhyme and the link around to other blogs once you've read it :-)


OB said...

I suppose it depends on whether one is a traditionalist or not.

If one follows the traditional Latin liturgy then Ember Days are this week Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in continuation with centuries of praxis by those gone before us.

On the other hand if one is happy with 1960s style liturgy then have them the following week: novelty dressed up in lace appeals to some.

goldfishville said...

OT - Augustine, you once posted a rather fab pic of BXVI in sunglasses, wearing red and I think with a book under his arm; he was in front of an ironwork gate or fence. Can you remember which post it was? News of a papal visit has given me the urge to look at that photo again, as it was definitely the best one ever.

Augustine said...

If you're still looking, which would be a little bit sad after all these weeks, it's at

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