Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter 2008 - Church under attack!

Easter 2008. In the UK, Christians shuffle quietly into pews, an embarrasing observance of an outdated religion. Spain. Elaborate processions, symbols of the Church's decadence and corruption. USA. No celebrations on public land. This is how the 'dictatorship of relativism' is strangling the Church. Easter 2008. Mosul. A Church without it's pontiff. Found dead a few days ago. Prisoner to Islamic terrorists.

This is the Church in the third millenium. We are at war. A glance at today's Catholic Herald confirms this.

Page One. Archbishop Rahno's martyrdom and persecution in Iraq. Page Two. Debate over whether the government will force Catholic MPs to vote against Catholic teaching. Bishop of Motherwell preaches against 'conspiracy' of gay-rights activists against the Church. Benedictine Fr. Leo Chamberlain writes to the Financial Times to complain about the paper's annual Easter pope-bashing. Page Three. Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue of Lancaster quizzed on 'fundamentalism' by a panel of MPs, because of his defence of the teachings of marriage in Catholic schools. Page Four. Heresy, female 'priests' and 'bishop' excommunicated by Archbishop Burke of St Louis. Spanish Premier Sr. Zapatero pledges to "put the (Spanish) bishops in their place." Gay rights activists to cover the Pope in ashes during Papal visit to USA, all because His Holiness dared to suggest that "gay sex is morally wrong." Page Five. Persecution in China. More of this on page eight.

These are only the first few pages.

The Church in the third millenium lends new weight to the phrase 'Church Militant.'


la mamma said...

Just found your blog via Tigerish Waters. Looks good. I was happy to see that pic of Cuthbert. I'm very fond of him and was once rather too familiar with his secondary relics (oh those were the days!). Happy Easter. As you say, we are a Church under attack, but then I wonder if this trial will be the making of us... again.

Augustine said...

I do hope so!