Saturday, 15 March 2008

Future of Christianity in Iraq

After the recent kidnap and murder of the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul, pictured above, serious questions are being asked about the viability of a Christian presence in post-Saddam Iraq. The former dictator's government, while illiberal and totalitarian, was a secular one which allowed Christians to worship free from persecution by the vast Muslim majority. Since the American-led invasion and occupation of recent years, Christians in Iraq have undergone a new and bloody persecution at the hands of extremist muslims, who see these indigenous Christians as natural allies of the 'crusading west.'

Dr Suha Rassam, the spokesperson for 'Iraqui Christians in need', said this: "The only way for the Church in the Mosul area to survive might be if it goes underground, like it did in the first and second centuries. This way, Mass and other services would be held in secret and priests go about their duties clandestinely."

Love of your Love asks for your prayers for Iraqui Christians this Holy Week.

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