Saturday, 8 March 2008

Joseph of Cupertino

Its that time of year again, nearly Easter, and nearly time for those dreaded exams. So whether you're at university, doing A-levels, GCSEs, being examined abroad or here in the UK, here's some useful info:

The patron saint of exam-candidates is San Giuseppe di Copertino, (thats St. Joseph of Cupertino to you and me), an Italian Fransiscan who lived in the seventeenth century, who was also something of a mystic. As the picture above shows, St Joseph of Cupertino was famous, above all (no pun intended), for levitating.

Joseph had a powerful vocation to be a Fransiscan, yet was initially refused because of severe learning difficulties and mental disability. Eventually he was able to join the order by studying intensively a single topic, and praying that this was what he would be examined on; his prayers were answered. So if you, like me, are ill-prepared and terrified of exams, why not ask the intercession of St Joseph of Cupertino?

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