Friday, 2 January 2009

Don't forget H&N

The 2nd of January, today, is the day we were supposed to discover the name of the new Archbishop of Westminster. There have been unconfirmed rumours that Dom Hugh Gilbert, and Anglican convert Benedictine monk in Scotland turned down the job, which perhaps explains why we haven't heard who the new de facto spokesperson for English Catholicism will be.

Yet in the midst of the apparent chaos surrounding the appointment of a new archbishop, spare a thought for my own diocese, Hexham and Newcastle, the most northerly See in the country, home of St Cuthbert, St Benet Biscop, St Bede the Venerable and many more.

Since the much lamented and unforseen death of our bishop, Kevin, we have been waiting for a new pastor of the local Church. Please pray for our diocese, that we receive a holy, humble and orthodox bishop, who will reinvigorate the Church and spread the Gospel in our depressingly secularised and sceptical region.

Almighty Father, send us a Holy Bishop!
Dear reader, pray for our Church!


derya said...

I pray that we get our new pastor soon. It has been a long time...

Anonymous said...

I pray you get a Bishop soon!

Although I realise the loss to Pluscarden, I would also think Father Abbot would make a good Bishop!

Andrew said...

VATICAN CITY, 9 JAN 2009 (VIS) - The Holy Father appointed Msgr. Seamus Cunningham of the clergy of the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, England, diocesan administrator, as bishop of the same diocese (area 8,438, population 2,241,451, Catholics 200,361, priests 219, permanent deacons 11, religious 415). The bishop-elect was born in Knock, Ireland in 1942 and ordained a priest in 1966.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Andrew, I saw this today on the train home. Deo gratias!!!

(And I smiled a wry smile, and thought of you, Augustine. You get a Bishop before the Londonites do! ;-P )