Sunday, 4 January 2009


Walking through the city centre yesterday, I stumbled upon a gathering of angry Palestinian protesters, meeting beneath Grey's Monument. There were at least a hundred there, possibly more, and their chanting and music was audible from quite a distance. Not surprisingly, the far majority were Muslims, of obvious Palestinian origin. Most seemed to be second generation immigrants.

I really do sympathise with their cause. A Palestinian state has just as much right to exist as an Israeli state. What worried me about these protesters was their concept of nationality. I overheard one man, speaking with a middle-class British accent, talking to an older man about Palestinian identity. He was arguing that they could make no distinction between Islam and Palestinian nationality.

This reminded me that Palestine has a dwindling Christian minority. Most have emigrated, many are persecuted, and now they are caught between Israeli tanks and Hamas rockets. During the night Israeli ground forces entered the Gaza Strip in force. Please keep our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers.


old believer said...

The plight of the Palestinians is appalling, for both the few Christians and Moslems alike.

Perhaps a new definition of the Christmas Season is called for as it appears that whilst the rest of the world is celebrating and distracted Israel takes the opportunity to carry out mass slaughter for which the West pays for.

mombash said...

as a jew i believe the palestinians get hat they deserve, our god promised us palestine so we have the power to take our historical country. palestinians are dying not because of ISRAEL but because they are a disease.

Augustine said...

Mombash, your comment is appalling, and I have published it only so that people may see what hatred looks like.

Your views are not condoned, and if I receive a complaint about the hatred you espouse then rest assured your comment WILL BE DELETED.