Sunday, 11 January 2009

Liturgy is Beautiful

Today the Holy Father celebrated the Feast of the Lord's Baptism, saying Mass according to the Ordinary Form, facing East. I really don't think there's a more beautiful way to celebrate the liturgy. He also gave communion to the faithful kneeling and on the tongue.
Please, priests, implement this in your parishes! Please let us restore to the historical norm!


Adrienne said...

Oh jeepers. We got to listen to Haugen/Haas, no incense, no holy water, ugly bare altar, and polyester vestments.......aren't you jealous. (snark off)

Augustine said...

Hahaha :P Well miraculously our guitar-man wasn't there today, and we had a schola led by a former Anglican nun turned Benedictine Oblate.

Sadly I think this change will be reversed next week, but it was nice while it lasted :p

Fr Michael Brown said...
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Fr Michael Brown said...

Glad you enjoyed the schola. I only had one violent complaint this time. Why don`t you offer to join the schola?