Friday, 9 January 2009

A worrying definition

From the Diocese, quoted in previous post:

With the local clergy, a bishop leads the people as a family in the worship God. He also has the task of reaching out beyond the Catholic community to preach and to foster strong links with people of every faith and those of no faith.

Surely that should read "to preach and to convert to Christ"? Or are these merely links for links' sake?

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madame evangelista said...

You could look at this way, 'and to convert to Christ' may simply be the unspoken part of the phrase 'to preach'.

I think it's good to foster links outside the church even if they don't have an evangelizing purpose, because it prevents a catholic viewpoint from being marginalized.

An example where this might be helpful in the diocese is with the stem cell research taking place in Newcastle. After all, even the vatican invited scientists working on this to come to a conference to discuss the issue.

People stop listening to denouncements very quickly because they just think they are knee-jerk reactions. Fostering links has the potential to stop such automatic sidelining.