Friday, 29 February 2008

An extraordinary day, but lets remember where we're going!

February the twenty-ninth is unique in coming round only once every four years, and quite rightly is recognised as an enjoyable quirk of our Calendar: hence odd traditions, such as proposals of marriage made by women, on this date. One reason for this post is the novelty of having one dated Feb. 29th, but I do have a serious point.

We are moving towards something entirely more important. Good Friday. I think this is an appropriate time to remind ourselves that we are engaged in a pilgrimage to Calvary. Spiritual warfare may rage around us; in Lent we remember particularly to beware of the devil's temptations, and now is the time to set our sights on the prize. The sacrifice of Christ.

We are only a few weeks away from the Triduum. Now, in this extraordinary moment of the secular calander, we must remember an even more sensational time will soon be upon us. Prepare for Jerusalem.

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