Monday, 11 February 2008

Publicity advice.

How does one get ones blog noticed? Is there any way to make it come up more often in search engines etc? How does one build up a steady supply of readers? Would appreciate advice from more experienced bloggers...


Anonymous said...

Read lots of blogs;
link to all your favourite blogs;
comment on all your favourite blogs;
blog lots. :D

Rita said...

Communicate sincerely by leaving comments on other blogs. As if by magic, people start looking at your profile and reading your blog...

Having said that, most of my hits come from people looking for pictures of St Rita or St Rose of Lima. Bizzarely, my little blog comes up first on google images if you type in "St Rita". I have no idea how that happened!

Enjoy your hols, when you come back, I'll give your blog a plug ;-)

AutumnRose said...

I found you through Rita at tigerish waters! The results of blog networking!

I am happy to blogroll you :)

AutumnRose x