Sunday, 10 February 2008

The First Post

This is hopefully the first of many posts on a new blog. Welcome, everyone, to "Love of your Love". You can call me Augustine; more on that later.

"For love of your love I shall retrace my wicked ways." These are the words of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, written in his spiritual autobiography "Confessiones." In using the pseudonym Augustine, I intend to follow in his footsteps into an intimate and thoughtful relationship with the Lord Jesus. Augustine was a great theologian and Saint, who rose from being a sinner and a heretic to being a learned and holy man.

"For love of your love."

This should be the Christian's motto. Everything we do should boil down to this: that we love God because he loves us, lowly as we are. His love is unconditional. His love offers salvation. His love offers hope. It is our challenge to respond to this love.

I hope you will come back to this blog, and read what I have to say. I'll try not to make this blog about me, but rather as a tool for Augustine's two great abilities: learning and teaching. Using this blog I hope to find new ways to practice my Christian faith, and in doing so teach others to do the same.

Finally, as a concession to my own vanity, please publicise this blog! I'd love to get some regular readers.


Andrew said...

One regular on board =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I take it you were looking for me email - if you get email notification of this, then you should be able to just hit reply and it will get to me.

Anonymous said...

P.S. We seem to have some things in common.