Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm back!

Well, its nice to be back in the UK, having had a fantastic week away in France. I arrived at the weekend, but pure laziness has prevented me from blogging until now. :-)

While skiing on the Continent, I stumbled across the resort's "church". Nominally Catholic, it was a squat, ugly, grey building. Not content with being built out of the most sinfully dull and cheap materials, it also refused to conform to basic geometry, the east wall not being perpendicular to the north and south, resulting in an even uglier church of trapezium shape. Worse still, the altar was off-centre, built out of roughly hewn stone resembling breeze blocks, oval (looked like some kind of kiln), with a polished wooden top, no crucifix, and worst of all - the tabernacle was placed in the centre of this monstrous altar in the form of a brass dunces cap, being a strange cone sunk into the surface of the altar - and not even a light to suggest to my confused self what it actually was! It took several minutes to work out what it must be! Needless to say this was in France..

These people should be reported to the New Liturgical Movement!

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welcome back!

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